A trucker’s dash cam protects him during an encounter with a van driver who he says crashed while eating and driving.

The video was shared by YouTube user Thomas Badillo, who writes:

I am driving an 18 wheeler with a day cab and a 53 foot trailer, and that is why you see me move to the right so that my trailer will clear the curb when I turn left. I do this at this stop sign six days a week. If you notice in the video, there is a silver sport utility that approaches the stop sign opposite of the van and proceeds, and then a white car comes behind and proceeds without stopping. The woman in the van slows mid turn to avoid the white car, meanwhile I was doing a quick stop and go and swinging wide into the intersection and noticing what is taking place, I slow up a little to give her time to move on. Suddenly she floors it either out of frustration, or maybe she sees me behind her, I am not sure, but she hit that little pot hole while holding a Big Mac in one hand and Fries in the other while steering with her knee and the van went HARD right into the bushes. THEN she gets out pointing her finger at ME? You can tell when I pulled up and got out I was like “oh hell no, you are NOT blaming me!”, I pointed at my dash camera and told her its all on video and thats when she went full ballistic and told me to GTFOH, so I did…. she was only mad because she dropped her damn Big Mac on the floor and spilled her fries all over the console and So THIS is what a Big Mac attack looks like….. People say, “why did you even stop”? Look at the vans backup lights, she immediately put the van in reverse, so continuing to drive past this crazy woman while she was attempting to back up would be a terrible choice, and remember I do not know at this point that the van is stuck or that she is going to try to blame me for her accident.

You can view the video below.


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