In today’s fast-paced world, efficiency is crucial when it comes to fleet management. Whether you’re responsible for a small local delivery service or a large national transportation company, finding ways to streamline operations and improve performance is key.

Kinedyne is a renowned name in the transportation industry, known for its commitment to quality and innovation. With decades of experience, they have developed a range of products and solutions designed to meet the unique needs of fleets. Kinedyne Engineered Solutions is comprised of Curtainside and Decking Solutions, created specifically to optimize efficiencies in fleet’s day to day operations.

Kinedyne Engineered Solutions

Curtainside Solutions not only boost productivity and safety but also contribute to a fleet’s overall cost-effectiveness, making them a valuable addition for modern trucking operations. Curtainside streamlines the loading and unloading process, creates quick and easy access to cargo from the side of the trailer, and since curtainside systems are versatile and adaptable, they can accommodate various cargo sizes and shapes.

Kin-Sider is Kinedyne’s traditional curtainside system with a heavy-duty curtain that glides smoothly along the top rail with buckles at the bottom to sure the side curtain in place. The curtain is custom made with high-resolution digital graphics to constantly promote your brand.

Kin-Slider is Kinedyne’s unique curtainside system that can be fully opened and closed in half the time as traditional curtainside. This system is equipped with track along the top and bottom rails to allow the curtain to smoothly glide along the side of the truck/trailer. Easily lock the curtain in place with a quick release latch that can be opened from the rear or the front of the truck/trailer.

To safely and efficiently secure cargo in your curtainside system, use Kaptive Strap by Kinedyne. Kaptive Strap is a built-in sliding strap system with straps suspended from the top of the trailer on a bungee system. No need to throw straps over the load or climb in/on the trailer risking injury. When not in use, just slide the strap system along the top rail to the rear or front of the trailer.

Kaptive Beam by Kinedyne is a double decking solution that allows fleets to maximum their trailer capacity. Rather than needing to expand fleet operation this decking system allows you to be more efficient with your current resources. No longer worry about the high expense of fuel, tires, or unnecessary additional trips. Instead, double deck the freight, maximize the trailer capacity, and deliver more with less.

In this competitive and demanding industry, optimizing your fleet is essential for success. Kinedyne Engineered Solutions provide the tools and expertise needed to achieve greater efficiency and safety.

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Founded in 1968, Kinedyne LLC is a world-leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of cargo control technologies, including cargo securement, capacity, and access solutions for the transportation industry. Kinedyne LLC manufactures products and provides services in a variety of industry sectors and is known for the development and engineering of high-quality equipment, holding multiple patents for many of its innovative products. Kinedyne serves a broad range of users, which include OEMs, fleets, and independent owner-operators, across a wide variety of markets, including heavy-duty trucking, government, military, agriculture, automotive, recreational vehicle, moving, and storage.